Looking to boost audience trust through content in order to drive additional sales?

If so, you’re definitely at the right place! 

Hi, I’m Valerie Skyler– singer-songwriter and content creator.

(And your guess is correct, this is a stage name! Outside of music / social media world, I use my real name– Clair).

My journey into user-generated content (UGC) and influencer marketing began during my career in management consulting. Over the years, I’ve contributed to numerous projects in conversion copywriting, marketing campaigns, and influencer recruitment.

I’ve also had the privilege of creating content for both brands and media outlets, including Periscope, LIKEE, BIGO, Ted-Ed, TodayShow, ItsMe app, PopSugar, and the Huffington Post.

So in our work together, you’ll have a content creator that excels at understanding strategic nuances, meeting deadlines, and delivering engaging content that builds audience trust.

(+ with fabulous hair, on good hair days).

Nice to (virtually) meet you!

Past Work


Text Based Reviews:


While the deliverables are customized based on your campaign’s requirements (and the investment would reflect that), here are some package options that provide a great starting point to show you what’s possible in our partnership. 

Unless otherwise stated, all packages come with pre-film script, shot list, brand research, and text overlays.

For brands looking for one-time boost to their content marketing efforts

This package includes:
– One 15-45 second long vertical video
– Up to 10 minutes of raw footage*
– Organic usage rights for 12 months

starting at $500 USD

Tailored for brands with a strong focus on testing and optimizing their paid advertising campaigns.

This package includes:
– 4 hooks, 2 bodies, 2 CTA’s: Resulting in 16 unique videos for thorough testing
– Paid usage rights for 6 months

Starting at $1200 USD

This comprehensive package is designed to supercharge your seasonal campaigns, providing a mix of content you need to maximize reach and impact of your content. It includes:

This package includes:
– Everything from the ad-tester package (4 hooks + 2 bodies + 2 CTA’s which results in 16 videos, 6 months of paid usage rights)
– 3 x booster packages (3 organic content pieces, each with up to 10 minutes of raw footages and 12 months of organic usage rights)
– Text-based review of up to 50 words (distributed to up to 2 platforms of your choice, with slight variations)

Starting at $2500 USD

  • Add-On Options: Hook / CTA iterations, raw footages*, spark ads (with category exclusivity), resizing, whitelisting, etc. 

  • Notes on raw footage*: If included in the package, the rate for raw footage remains the same as long as the footage duration is up to 10 minutes. For projects requiring extensive filming (ex. furniture set-up’s, appliances, travel, or cooking, etc), we offer competitive pricing.

  • Other bundle rates and monthly retainers are also available. 


From various content creation and marketing projects

I'm in, what does the process look like?

We start with a creative brief (campaign vision, target
platforms, deliverable, usage, budget, timelines etc) and setting
the stage for your content. Paperwork (agreement + investment) is
a breeze. Please note that we require 50% upon signing of the
agreement and 50% upon project approval.

We develop creative concepts along with the script. Once you’re good with the direction, we start filming + editing to create the finalized content. Your feedback is invaluable throughout this process.

Once everything looks good, your finalized content is delivered via Google Drive (or any other secure platform). After 30 days, we’ll check in for your feedback and any metrics.

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